Proposal Writing and Editing Services

For businesses that respond to RFPs from other businesses or from state and local governments

Write better proposals. Sell more.

Easier said than done, right?

Maybe your proposal content has “gotten stale,” and you want to freshen it up. Perhaps you’re in a highly competitive market and you need a better way to differentiate your product or service from those offered by your competitors. Maybe you’re wondering if there is a better way to express what you do?

We can help.

We provide proposal management and writing services that help you write proposals that are persuasive, compelling, and that differentiate your solution from competing solutions. Write better proposals. Sell more.

Proposal Writing Services--write better, sell more.

Writing proposals in response to RFPs

You’re expecting an RFP. It’s a must-win opportunity. You realize you need help.

If you’re responding to an RFP from a commercial organization or from a state or local government, we can help.

  • Proposal/project management services
  • Proposal writing services
  • Proposal editing services
  • Kickoff meeting support
  • Pre-RFP, project-specific training

Whatever you need, large or small, we work with you to provide the specific services you need that will improve, as much as possible, your chances of winning that important opportunity.

Writing Executive Introductions

The executive introduction is one of the most important and widely read parts of every proposal. It should be the place where you say, “here’s why you should choose us.” It must be compelling.

We can help you write an executive introduction they’ll remember.

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