Proposal Assessment Service™

A proposal review and assessment by a professional proposal consultant

What if you could have a professional proposal writer look at one of your proposals and provide you feedback?

What if this proposal veteran highlighted the parts of your proposal that are good, the parts that aren’t so good, and gave you some recommendations to make it better?

We created the Proposal Assessment Service™ to do exactly this, to give managers more insight into the effectiveness of their proposals.

How does the service work?

The Proposal Assessment Service is simple and straight forward.

1. Send us your proposal

You send us one of your proposals to evaluate along with the RFP that prompted your response.

2.Tell us more about the opportunity

We will schedule a short phone call to ask questions about the opportunity, the important aspects of the solution you are proposing, etc.

3. We review your proposal

We spend up to two hours reviewing and critiquing the proposal against seven best practices:

  1. Focus. Is your proposal more about you or the buyer?
  2. Persuasiveness. Is your proposal persuasively structured?
  3. Wordiness. Is your proposal concise or excessively wordy?
  4. Understandability. Is your proposal sufficienty explanatory and understandable?
  5. Readability. Is your proposal easy-to-read for the typical reviewer or skimmer?
  6. Quality. Is your proposal well written or filled with errors?
  7. Differentiation. Does your proposal clarify your competitive advantage?

We document our findings into a concise report organized around the best practices listed above.

Deliverables–what do you get back?

The report we prepare has three primary parts:

  • General observations
  • Specific findings related to the best practices listed above
  • Specific recommendations for improvement

Once the report is completed, our consultant will contact you to schedule a phone meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to explain our findings at a general level, review the report, and discuss our recommendations for improving your proposal effectiveness.


The proposal assessment includes up to three hours of a proposal veteran’s time and costs $299. This price includes the intial consultation call, the actual proposal assessment, plus an additional 30 minute post-assessment phone call where we discuss what we found.

Proposal Assessment Service

Want to learn more?

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