Proposal and Business Development Services

For businesses that respond to RFPs from other businesses or from state and local governments

Want to improve your win rate?  We can help.

Writing a proposal is not a writing project, it’s a sales process. You could write the greatest, flashiest, best looking proposal that’s ever been written, but if you don’t win the business, what does it matter? That’s why at The Seibert Group, our goal is not just about writing better proposals, it’s about improving your win rate. Need help improving your win rate? Give us a call. We’ve got the experience and services to help you win more business.

Proposal training services

Our signature training class, How to Write Persuasive Proposals, is built around one fundamental theme; if you want to win more deals, your proposals must be persuasive, customer-focused, and they must differentiate your solution from competing solutions.

At The Seibert Group, we teach your staff how to write proposals that accomplish precisely this.

Consulting services

Businesses struggling to improve their RFP win rates are generally willing to invest money and resources to solve the problem and improve their results. The challenge, though, is they don’t always know what to fix or where to invest. Is it their business development process? Their proposal development process? Their proposals? Our consulting services give you insight into what’s working and what’s not, and recommends how to make it all better.

Proposal writing and editing services

Sometimes, businesses have great ideas and wonderful solutions they want to propose, but they don’t always know how to express that in a proposal. We can help. The Seibert Group offers a range of writing and editing services–proposal review and analysis services, executive introduction and proposal writing services, editing proposal content databases, and more. This range of services lets us configure a writing solution that fits your exact needs.