Proposal and Business Development Consulting

For businesses that respond to RFPs from other businesses or from state and local governments

“Rule#1: Don’t do anything until you know what needs fixing.”

The above quote comes almost verbatim from an old doctor who started practicing medicine long ago. “If you all you do is treat the symptoms,” he grumbled, “but you don’t know what’s causing the problem, the problem is only going to get worse.” Then he made his point: “Don’t do anything until you know what needs fixing.”

At The Seibert Group, we often hear from managers who want help writing better proposals. They call us because they aren’t winning enough RFPs, and therefore surmise their proposals must somehow be lacking. Often they’re correct, their proposals do need help. Sometimes, though, there are other factors contributing to their low win rates. The trick is figuring out what needs to be fixed before you start changing things.

This is what our proposal and business development consulting services are designed to accomplish; to figure out what needs fixing. And when we figure it out, we recommend specific things you can do to make the needed fixes. One more thing. The recommendations we make are always right-sized for your company; they take into account your situation, your resources, the scope of the problem, and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Business development review

For businesses that respond to RFPs, your sales effort before the RFP is issued is often just as or more important than the proposal you write. We review your business development process and talk with your sales staff to identify opportunities where we can improve the process and, ultimately, your results.

Proposal development review

Once an RFP is released, your proposal team needs to be ready, coordinated, and working together–like a team. When they are, that’s great. When they aren’t, something “needs fixing.” We look at everything, from the kickoff meeting to your bid/no-bid strategy to your post-RFP debrief.

Proposal analysis and feedback

Sometimes, the best place to begin a proposal improvement project is to evaluate your proposals. Are they too long or too short? Persuasive or just informational? Too filled with jargon? Too much about you? By doing a formal review, we can offer great insight into “what needs fixing.”

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