About The Seibert Group

Say it well and they'll understand you. Say it persuasively and they'll give you the order.

The Seibert Group is a proposal agency offering proposal and business development consulting, training, and writing services. Since 2001, we’ve been showing  businesses how to improve their win rates when writing sales proposals or responding to RFPs.

Singular focus on B2B and local/state government RFPs

Some proposal agencies specialize in federal RFPs. Others “specialize” in everything. The Seibert Group is unique because we only work with businesses that respond to RFPs issued by other businesses or by state and local government. This singular focus produces better solutions that are “right-sized” for the small and medium sized clients we serve.

We’re proposal professionals, but we’re salespeople, too

One of the big differences between The Seibert Group and other proposal agencies is that we are, first and foremost, professional salespeople. We understand that writing a proposal involves writing, but it’s not a writing project to complete so much as a sales opportunity to win. Ultimately, we understand the only good proposal is a proposal that results in a sale.

It’s all about persuasion and differentiation

Your customers want to make the right choice, but from their perspective, it’s hard to differentiate between vendors. Identifying what makes you both different and better than the competition is one of the more difficult parts of the proposal development process. It’s also one of the places where, at The Seibert Group, we excel.