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Proposal Writing

Small ImageAre your proposals persuasive or informative? Concise and compelling, or long and boring? More about you, or how you are going to use your products to solve your customers' problems?

The Seibert Group assists businesses in writing persuasive and compelling proposals in response to RFPs issued by commercial organizations or by state and local governments. Do you need help writing proposals that are persuasive and compelling?

Proposal writing services

Dave's Proposal Blog

What are the best ratios to calculate to track the success of your proposal efforts? How many spaces after a period? What are the common mistakes proposal organizations make when responding to RFPs? Should you use buyer logos in your proposal?

Dave Seibert, TSG's founder, started Dave's proposal blog to address some of the many questions we receive about proposal process and best practices.

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Proposal Training

Proposal writers aren't just writers, they're salespeople; they must be able to write persuasively. We can show them how. 

Our proposal training class, How to Write Persuasive Sales Proposals, teaches proposal writers and SMEs how to write proposals so they are persuasive, compelling, and differentiate your solution from competitive alternatives.

The program is available in both online and onsite formats, and a proposal workshop is available with the onsite class. Click below to learn more.

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